New York Breeze

NEW YORK BREEZE is a grassroots initiative started in 2015 by Anna Pasztor. The objective is to foster the cultural activities in our neighborhood: Mott Haven and to enrich the variety of cultural offers for Bronxites in general. In addition, it offers opportunities for artists, and other cultural agents to diversify their audience, and to present their works and ideas in this neighborhood.

The physical center of New York Breeze is the studio of Anna Pasztor. To the date, it hosted four tematic exhibitions and are more to come.


Participating artists were

Dulcina Abreu,

Francheska Alcantara,

Diane Arrieta the Birds are Nice,

Alexandra Avlonitis,

Cat Del Buono,

Timothy Fodness,

John Folchi,

Wilhelmina Obatola Grant,

Alexander Hahn,

Ewa Jacobson,

Art Jones,

Barbara Kalina,

Allison Kotzig,

Jacqueline Kern,

Katherine Liberovskaya,

Dani Frid Rossi,

Carol-Anne McFarlaine,

Mandy Morrison,

Marica Radojcic,

Robert Samartino,

Dustina Sherbine,

Jonathan Stein,

Michael Young,

Maike Zimmermann,

Molly Weiss,

Dalia With,

Lili White.



We accept proposals from artists and other cultural agents regardless their origin, and residence, at any stage of their career. We produce programs in other locations as well, as our ability to establish partnerships will grow.


If you would like to show your work please get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you!


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